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[web-exclusive .mp3 releases]
2.19.06_Inter[mediate] ep:     [1. south atrium at sunrise]
                              [2. baroque[n] consecrator]
                       [3. varying degrees]
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~Quick News~
+++>Abandon Building Records has released Assemblage Sessions 2.  I did the mastering and
have a track on it.  Buy it here and befriend ABR's Assemblage crew on myspace here --
my track 'cessant dail' is also on the player there.
+++>IVDT+Post-Digital's free mega-compilation entitled '#!/USR/LOCAL/BIN/PARTS +' has been released.
I have a track on it, click the above for the whole thing, or get my contribution directly
here as an .mp3, or here as an .ogg.
+++>After an HD crash i have been re-weighing the worth of everything i do for fun.
This includes making music.
Turns out it's worth at least $468 to me [the cost of recovering the lost data].  Expect
new drafts for the next album appearing by the end of August here or @ myspace.
+++>BUT while my ears are jacked [fluid... getting tubes in them] I might finally
finish v2 of this page, which divides it into tables and makes it look more like
WWW and less like terminal BBS syndrome.
_-_>releases below updated to show latest track contributions.
 ^Site Redesign (still) in progress.
official releases [non-chronological]:
label/page link                         direct link
            Postunder Records  release: [the discreet business EP]
Nishi 50th Compilation  track: [magnetic pandabears]
Modsquare Ctrl-Space Compilation  track: [a bridge burnt, another built]
              Moron Labs LWIC4 Compilation  track: [Overlooking Yog Sothothic] *out of print
                                                   Abandon Building Records  track: [cessant dail] (*listen on myspace)                                       
                                      IVDT+Post-Digital  track: [entering that most sacred of places] dl:[.ogg] [.mp3]
                Salon De La Composition  track: [to trepan a porpoise] [release page
upcoming releases:
+} ivdt.net [#!/usr/local/bin/parts + Compilation]
+} label TBA 'Plotting Synapses' EP [promo art]
+} Remix of Transient - 'Macrame'
+} Remix of Floatation Addvice - 'Inkling of a Smidgen'
+} Remix of Phylum Sinter - 'A Bridge Burnt, Another Built' [.mp3 preview]
live audio:
[wilt nostalgia]
ink on paper:
[cubic decision engine]
[twelve four]
clouds [1024]
womb [1400] [1024]
julia_destroyed [1400] [1024]
totaueric [1400] [1024]
totaueric_rev2 [1400] [1024]
hecate [1400] [1024]
ord_ain_ment[bloo] [1024] [text_free_version]
other media:
>concept art by jolijn steenhuis<
~contact?: phylum_sinter[at]matterwave[dot]net     
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